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Labor law

You were unfairly fired or You haven’t been paid the full amount which You have earned?


Some employed foreigners are victims of unlawful dismissals, especially when the employer doesn’t maintain the prescribed notice periods.

Many companies owe money to their employees wich they deserve, this happens due to the poor knowledge of the German language and inexperience in the labour law. As an example clearance or compensation because of the unjustified termination. Even if your employer is insolvent or bankrupt there is a possibility to get your earned money.

The lawyers which are associated with Privileg inform you on a pro bono basis.

Most common questions about labour law:

  • Whom do I have to contact if I have been terminated?
  • What should I do if I was terminated without notice?
  • How do I receive my salary if my company goes bankrupt?
  • How do I receive my holiday compensation?
  • What can I do against an unfair dismissal?
  • What can I do against unjustified dismissal?

Termination, unjustified termination, dismissal, failure to adhere to the notice period, bankruptcy, payment of outstanding salaries and overtime as well as vacation compensation, severance pay, lawyer for labor law, lawsuit by the former employer for unjustified termination, legal proceedings in the labor and social court in Vienna.

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