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News from Vienna: Privileg offers free legal advice to citizens

  • Tamara Mitic
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There is a new legal club operating in Vienna, offering free legal advice in the native tongue to more than half a million citizens of the former Yugoslavia Republic that are living, working or finishing their studies in Austria.

This citizens’ association brings together the top experts from six law firms, three tax advisory offices and several law enforcement companies.

Citizens will, as it is stated, be advised in the domain of finance, rights, insurance, visa regulation, gambling games, recovery of rent payments, housing, private bankruptcies and other legal issues.

“We give the young people a chance first, offering employment to more than 60 students who study law, economics, IT, marketing, media and communications in Austria” – announced Kalabic.

Zoran Kalabic – the president of the Privileg society, emphasizes that many of our citizens in Austria are legally unprotected, invisible to the system and susceptible to fraud, primarily due to insufficient knowledge of the German language and law.

“The idea is to open the way to such practice by opening doors to our society. Our fellow citizens face serious problems with the procedures for obtaining or extending visas, and if not then in cases of family reunification. It ended up with our people having to seek and protect their rights in court, because insurance companies avoid paying them damages regardless of the fact that they are insured. Also, due to them not being informed about the Housing Law, which determines the maximum value of real estate renting prices, many are not even aware that in as many as 70% of cases they end up paying too much for rent, by up to 50% more” – Kalabic points out.

He also pointed out that the statistics show that up 80% of citizens from the former Yugoslavian Republic signed a bad contract during their lives in Austria, and those type of contract earn Austria 800 million euros on a yearly basis – a basis that foreigners don’t know the procedure and law regarding tax refund.

The board of directors of the Privileg society includes distinguished bankers, lawyers, professors, members of the police, notaries, businessmen who have a common goal – to protect our citizens and represent their interests before the competent institutions of Austria and thus integrate them faster and easier in the Austrian society.

Author: Tamara Mitic