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Privileg celebrates its first anniversary

  • Tamara Mitic
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For a legal advice applied 2.342 people, but mostly Serbs.

With more than 3,000 free legal advice and almost 2,000 successfully resolved cases, Privileg is celebrating its first year of existence.
According to the statement, the Association was launched with a goal of providing legal assistance in the ative language for about half a million citizens from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. At the moment, it brings together 2,342 people who, due to insufficient knowledge of German language and Austrian and EU law, turned to them for help in regulating visas – 40%, reducing rent in old buildings – 25%, financial advice (credit and personal bankruptcy) – 20%, refunds for gambling addiction – 10%, labor law – 3% and other services – 2%.
– The largest number of members, 50% of them, are of Serbian nationality, 30% are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10% from Croatia, 5% from Montenegro, while we have the same percentage of citizens from Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. – shows the Privileg internal statistics.

The Association notes that 90% of members live in Vienna, but that they are also joined by those who live in Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, etc.

– The daily crowds at Privileg’s premises, have created a need to expand the areas in which we offer assistance and help, as well as the number of lawyers, banking advisers, notaries, translators, insurance companies and companies that finance court proceedings, are the best proof that such an organization as this was necessary for Austria and for our people from the diaspora – points out the president of the Privileg Citizens’ Association, Zoran Kalabić.

The association has expanded its sphere of activity since its establishment, so that in addition to engagement in the branches of criminal, residence, labor, housing and family law, our citizens can now seek help with (re) financing, lending, tax relief, insurance, refunds money when gambling, starting a business, etc.

The celebration of the first anniversary of Privileg’s work will be organized on November 30 in their premises, where all members will be able to join the representatives of the Management Board, associates, numerous friends and prominent personalities from the cultural and political milieu of Vienna.

Author: Tamara Mitic