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You don’t know how to support yourself and your children, our you have questions regarding the amount alimony?

In case of divorce, PRIVILEG helps you regulate alimentation!

Divorce, if requested by only one of the parties involved, must be processed in court. The war about the amount of alimony will likely start right at the beginning of the entire process. Therefore, divorce can be prolonged, and still, kids have to live off of something. That’s why it is important to be informed of all legal possibilities, as well as to take action in the right direction. It’s best to hire a specialized lawyer for family law who will make all of the important requests on your behalf.
The lawyer can make sure that the amount of the alimentation is calculated the right way and also to protect you from all the unjustified requests.
The lawyers who are in direct cooperation with Privileg will gladly provide you with proper advice pro bono.

• That’s why we are working with lawyers offices specialized in family and marital law.
• If you don’t have insurance that covers your free choice of a lawyer and free presentation in court and official organs (Rechtsschutz), our association can help you induce it.
• After you become our member, we will have a conversation in your material language.
• You will have to provide Privileg’s legal team with details of your current situation, and explain all your expectations, problems, and provide sufficient evidence and documents.
• Then, they will recommend you an experienced lawyer with who you will go through all of the necessary steps. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will be protected and insured in the usual unpleasant consequences of divorce.

The most frequently asked questions by our members regarding alimony:

  • I want to get divorce in court of Vienna, but how to get alimony for myself?
  • I got divorced in court, but my ex-husband doesn’t pay alimony. What should I do?
  • I’ve heard that divorce can take time. Am I entitled to alimony for myself and my children during the divorce?
  • My ex-husband says that he has no money to pay alimony for my children. Can I sue him and how?
  • How much alimony is belong to me as a woman who does not work, if we are divorced because of my husband’s fault?
  • Am I entitled to alimony if we are divorced due to my husband’s fault, even though I work alone?
  • How much alimony do children have to receive under Austrian law?
  • I have children from a previous marriage that I am already sustenance. How much do I have to pay child alimony now if I get divorced again?
  • Do I have to sue my husband for not paying child alimony, or can some city service do that for me?

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